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Welcome to Doro-Chiba Newsletter blog, which contains archive of our newsletter files freely downloadable.

The 3.11 earthquake and nuclear disaster in Japan have gigantic worldwide implication–global nuclear contamination and unprecedented mass unemployment under more and more deepening economic crisis.

Principled labor movement in Japan must  organize solidarity in our own workplaces and neighborhoods. And the vitalization of solidarity in Japan is inevitably linked with a struggle against neoliberal agendas, main focus of which has been destruction of any and every social bond of workers and people, especially unity and solidarity of labor unions.

In this struggle for survival in economic crisis and quake and nuke disaster, a historical upsurge of international working class solidarity is indispensable and inevitable.

Fight against this catastrophe made by neoliberalism together and build our own future together!

Thank you for your support and solidarity.

Doro-Chiba International Labor Solidarity Committee




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