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Call for August 6th, 2016, Hiroshima Grand Action

Abolish All Nukes, All Bases and Stop All Wars by International Solidarity and Workers’ General Strikes!
Overthrow Abe, a Constitutional Revisionist, a Warmonger and an Advocate of Nuclear Weapons!
Join Us and Send Messages to the August 6th Hiroshima Grand Action!

July 27, 2016
August 6, 71st A-Bomb Anniversary Hiroshima Grand Action Organizing Committee

Dear our friends all over the world,
On May 27, defying the government’s mobilization over 4,000 policemen and far-right organizations to suppress us, we decisively stood up to protest against U.S. President Obama’s Hiroshima visit with Prime Minister Abe after the G7 Ise-Shima summit. “Obama, abolish your 7,000 nuclear warheads! Stop the $1 trillion nuclear weapons modernization program! Stop bombing the Middle East! Stop the fresh nuclear war attempt on Korean Peninsula!  Remove all military bases in Okinawa! Overthrow Abe, a constitutional revisionist, warmonger and advocate of Japan’s nuclear armament!”?angry voice of Hiroshima led by the second generation of atomic bomb victims echoed around the town and throughout the world.
The atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945 were the most dreadful results, brought forth by Japanese Imperialism’s colonization and war of aggression on Korea, China and other Asian countries. This was also the beginning of U.S. Imperialism’s global nuclear domination. Abe and Obama, the most powerful authorities of two imperialist countries, visited Hiroshima to enhance the Japan-U.S. alliance for the insidious purpose of carrying out a fresh war (that is a nuclear war) on Korean Peninsula and East Asia, justifying the past aggressive wars and the atomic bombings.
US President Obama visited Hiroshima with the nuclear football. Under the pretext of deterring North Korea’s nuclear program, he is intending to wage a new Korean Peninsula war that will inevitably result in nuclear war by developing OPLAN 5015. Actually nuclear-capable B52 bombers are flying over Korean Peninsula by the direction of Obama. So, it is unforgivable that Obama dared to appeal “a world without nuclear weapons” in Hiroshima.
The Abe administration intends to stepping into the revision of the constitution and waging war. The Abe cabinet meeting decided that under the present constitution, the possession and use of all types of nuclear weapons is never banned, and clarifies the standpoint of admitting preemptive nuclear strikes.
The Fukushima nuclear disaster is still ongoing and is far from under the control. In spite of this dangerous situation, they are shamelessly emphasizing recovery from the accident and forcing the evacuees to return to their still contaminated hometowns. Moreover, they, the government and the nuclear power companies, have restarted nuclear reactors trampling Fukushima people’s anger and struggles. These outrageous moves come from the fact that they have the intention of their own nuclear armaments. The significance of the August 6 Hiroshima Grand Action with its long-standing and basic slogan “no to nuclear power and war”, expressing deep-rooted anger of Hibakusha, has become more and more considerable.
In the Middle East, Europe and the East Asia, the danger of world war and nuclear war is imminent. Far from the empty promise of “a world without nuclear weapons”, Obama is actually intensifying the war of aggression in the Middle East, and violently coercing Okinawa people into accepting military bases together with Abe.
Succeeding the most massive joint U.S.-South Korea military exercises, they have decided to deploy the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD), and are preparing for a new Korean Peninsula war, a nuclear war, driving North Korea into dead-end nuclear development and missile launches, which give them new pretext of war drive. On the other hand, the conflict over the South China Sea is intensifying between the United States, Japan and China.
Capitalism is in its death agony. The ruling class cannot survive the current crisis without waging war, without pitting workers in one group of countries against others. In these circumstances, we in Hiroshima call for international workers’ solidarity to stop war. Above all, we have been strengthening solidarity and unity with the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions and supporting their unflinching repeated general strikes against union busting and war.  A fresh attempt of aggressive war on Korean Peninsula?a nuclear war?must definitely be crushed by solidarity with Korean workers.
It is only the 1% that needs nuclear weapons and war. Workers and people united internationally and class-consciously have power to abolish nukes and war. General strikes all around the world have ability to decommission all of nuclear weapon factories, nuclear power plants, military bases and other facilities and to disempower the ruling class.
We earnestly ask you to participate in and/or endorse our August 6, 71st A-Bomb Anniversary Hiroshima Grand Action.

Created date: 01/8/2016

Statement Against Obama’s Hiroshima Visit

May 19, 2016

Action Committee for the 71st Anniversary of the Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima on August 6th

We oppose the planned visit of the US President Barack Obama to Hiroshima on May 27th after Ise-Shima Summit.

The summit is a conference of warmongers and plunderers representing the interest of financial and military big powers of only seven countries called the G7 to discuss how to share and rule the markets and resources and their sphere of influence over the world. The main agenda will be a new Korean war (i.e. nuclear war) to overthrow the North Korean regime. Obama is to play the leading role of this war meeting as the possessor of the world’s largest nuclear military force. On his visit to the city of Hiroshima, Obama will be accompanied by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, whose Cabinet passed a new law permitting Japan to engage in war and trampled on the peoples’ anti-war voices with the A-bomb victims at the forefront of the struggle.  Further, the Abe administration decided in a recent Cabinet meeting that “both the use and the possession of nuclear weapons is constitutional” (April 1, 2016), reversing the previous interpretation of the Constitution that Japan can never participate in war.  Abe insists that Obama’s visit will be a major force for the realization of a world free from nuclear weapons. But these words are utterly deceptive.

We must not allow Obama to set foot in the Peace Park with his “nuclear football.”

The United States is the world’s largest nuclear military power and one that is continuing to wage destruction and slaughter by air raids in the Middle East and continues to use Okinawa island to house its base and prepare for a new war: a nuclear war on the Korean peninsula. And Obama is the commander in chief of the United States Armies.  How can we call this warmonger “a figure of hope for the elimination of nuclear weapons” or a “messenger of peace”? Moreover, Obama intends to come to Hiroshima with his emergency “nuclear football.” We must never allow his visit to Hiroshima!

Obama and the US government have repeatedly refused to apologize for the atomic bombings on Hiroshima. This declaration means that Obama and his government do not allow any attempt to question the legitimacy of the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. By inviting Obama to Hiroshima, Abe himself has tried to deny the responsibility for Japan’s war of aggression just as Obama evades US responsibility for the A-bombs. By denying responsibility for the war, Abe aims to open a way toward a new imperialist war: nuclear war.

What Obama actually said in his Prague speech is the maintenance of the nuclear monopoly and ability to carry out nuclear war by US.

As long as these weapons exist, the United States will maintain a safe, secure and effective arsenal to deter any adversary… But we go forward with no illusions. Some countries will break the rules. That’s why we need a structure in place that ensures when any nation does, they will face consequences.” This is the crux of Obama‘s Prague speech in April 2009.

In fact, the Obama administration has been maintaining and evolving its nuclear forces. Obama plans to spend $1 trillion (more than 100 trillion yen) to modernize nuclear weapons over 30 years. For this reason, 12 subcritical nuclear tests and new types of nuclear tests were carried out between November 2010 and 2014.  In addition, the USA has entirely opposed on many occasions any resolution for banning nuclear weapons. The very person who has strongly supported this outrageous USA policy is Abe, who insists on the need for a nuclear deterrent while advocating Japan as the “only bombed nation” in the world.  Abe’s aim is that Japan becomes “a potential nuclear power” by restarting nuclear power plants and developing rocket technology. With the recent Cabinet decision that both the possession and use of nuclear weapons are constitutional, the Abe administration has explicitly revealed its intention for nuclear armament.

The USA must monopolize nuclear weapons.” “The nation which does not follow the USA’s rules should face consequences.” This logic to justify nuclear monopoly and nuclear war is totally incompatible with the anti-war will of the workers and people, most of all the survivors of the atom bombs, known as the hibakusha.

Obama is preparing a new nuclear war all while he is making deceitful propaganda by talking about “a world without nuclear weapons.”

This January, Obama dispatched the strategic nuclear bomber B52 over the Korean Peninsula to counter North Korea’s nuclear tests with the aim of demonstrating that the US was ready to actually carry out a nuclear war. Then from March through April, he enforced the largest US-ROK joint military exercises ever on the assumption of a nuclear war. On February 24th, USFK (the United States Forces Korea) commander testified at the US House of Representatives Armed Services Committee hearing: “If a collision occurs on the Korean Peninsula, the situation becomes the equal to that of the WWII. The scale of troops and weapons involved is comparable to that of the Korean War or the WWII. There will be a great number of dead and wounded due to its more complicated character.”

The USA military is now thoroughly calculating and intends to execute a plan of a Korean war (nuclear war), one which will exceed the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the orders of Obama, commander in chief.

In short, by visiting Hiroshima, Obama seeks to deceive the survivors and working people of the world as if he is striving for nuclear disarmament all while he aims to get the approval for his nuclear strikes on North Korea.  There is no room for reconciliation or compromise between Obama and us Hiroshima people who have been fighting against nuclear weapons and war since August 6th, 1945.

The unity and international solidarity of the working class people has the power to abolish nuclear arms.

People say that when Obama comes to Hiroshima and visits the Peace Museum, he will be more serious in working for the abolition of nuclear arms. But this is a groundless illusion. What was the content of the review of US Secretary of State Kerry, who visited the Peace Memorial Museum and “sincerely” viewed the exhibition after the G7 Foreign Ministers’ Meeting in April?  He wrote: “War must not be the first means but the last resort.”

That was Kerry’s immediate impression of the Peace Museum. And still they Kerry and Obama alike are preaching the need to maintain the war (that is, a nuclear war) as a last resort! The rulers of the United States have enough knowledge about the reality of the nuclear explosion through the findings of the ABCC (Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission) research, including the cases of serious internal exposure, and have long concealed the facts and materials regarding nuclear disaster. That is why they will by no means renounce the nuke as a final weapon.

War and the nuke are indispensable for the capitalists and the dominant power of the 1% to rule and divide the working people of the 99%: they try to bring antagonism among working people of the world and force them to kill each other for the interests of imperialism. We are witnessing the politics of “killing workers” such as dismissal, irregularization, ultra-low wages and overwork, and the politics of suppressing struggles such as those against war, nuclear arms and power, and military bases. The aggressive war (nuclear war) is the continuation of these politics and it’s Obama and Abe who are enforcing these politics.

We reject the idea to ask Obama and Abe to make efforts for peace or to take countermeasures by means of nuclear weapons like the rulers of North Korea and China. Instead, the working people of the 99% will unite and achieve international solidarity to fight back firmly against the rulers of the 1%. This is the only way to eliminate war and nuclear arms. The primary task we have to do is forming solidarity with the KCTU (Korean Confederation of Trade Unions), who is fighting with repeated decisive general strikes against the new Korean war being prepared by the “Korea-USA-Japan military alliance.”

We call upon all citizens to participate in the demonstrations on May 26th-27th against the visit of Obama to Hiroshima, shoulder to shoulder with atomic bomb sufferers who stand fast to their anti-war and anti-nuclear principle in solidarity with fighting labor unions and student councils.


5th Anniversary of the Quake and NPP Catastrophe
March 11 Anti-NPP Fukushima Action

No_NPP_March11, Koriyama, Fukushima_Rally.JPG

Anti-Nuclear Power Plants Fukushima Action on March 11, 2016–5th Anniversary of the Earthquake–in Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture


Overthrow PM Abe!


Koichi Hashimoto, President of Doro-Fukushima (National Railway Motive Power Union of Fukushima)


Municipal Workers Union of Maizuru City located about 10 km from Takahama NPP which had been restarted and shutdown again by people’s repeated protest actions and the court injunction issued just before the rally



Ehime Prefectural Workers Union that fight against restart of Ikata NPP in their prefecture



Shin’ichi Ishii, President of Doro-Mito (National Railway Motive Power Union of Mito)


Sachiko Sato, Fukushima Collaborative Clinic Construction Committee




Koriyama Station

Call for endorsement of and participation in Anti-Nuclear Power Plant Fukushima Action on March 11, 2016

We have the power to change the history!

Organizing Committee of March 11 Anti-NPP Fukushima Action in 2016
January 1
, 2016

We have the power to change the history! This is the slogan of the Anti-Nuclear Power Plant Fukushima Action on March 11, 2016.

Against the legislation to exercise the right to collective self-defense more than 100 thousand of people filled the square in front of the Diet day after day. Since this mass uprising last autumn a rising tide of the struggle by millions workers, students and other people, has broadened deeply all over the country and around the world.

The struggle of the fifth anniversary of the Earthquake and nuclear reactor meltdowns on March 11th in Fukushima will be fought headed by the unions which have been waging strikes, with Fukushima people’s widespread anger, calling “down with Abe administration which promotes war bills and wages restarting of nuclear power plants”.

Please endorse and participate in this action from all over the country and around the world.

The Abe government plans to lift evacuation orders in all municipalities, where people could receive radiation doses of up to 20 mSv/year, and to force evacuees back into heavily contaminated areas by March 2017 except for “the difficult-to-return-to areas”, which even the government reluctantly classifies as uninhabitable area.

If officials unilaterally declare that their areas are safe, more than 100,000 evacuees could be forced to return home and lose vital monthly compensation from TEPCO. It amounts to economic coercion to cut off “the compensation for mental suffering” and the government-subsidized apartments for “voluntary evacuees”.

The big construction companies harvest large profits from wasteful and ineffective “cleanup” of the contaminated areas. Radioactive substances have been scattered from the decontamination sites including school-commuting roads. And new toxic hotspots have been emerging.

Beautiful forests were unsightly stripped, and the contaminated wastes are packed into thousands and thousands of black bags and moved to such stripped sites or other temporary sites, which lie scattered throughout the surrounding areas, including in the backyard of homes, parking lots and parks.

Nobody locates even now the whereabouts of the melted nuclear fuel.

It is evident that the solution of the problem of the contaminated water at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant is impossible and that this radioactive water onslaught will eventually reach the breaking point and any resemblance of containment effort will be abandoned.

Even though over 150 Fukushima children have developed thyroid cancer, both the central and the prefectural governments repeatedly say, “The developments of thyroid cancers in children have nothing to do with the radiation effects.” No one really believes such a lie to be true. The other day, more than four years after the nuclear accident, the Japanese government confirmed for the first time that leukemia found in a worker at Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant is a result of the March 2011 atomic disaster. He is the first case to be awarded workers’ compensation insurance. His cumulative radiation exposure over one year and a half was 19.8 mSv. The Japanese government had set 20 mSv/y as a standard value of public dose limit for radiation exposure in Fukushima. It is really a murderous policy to force evacuees back into such heavily contaminated areas. People in Fukushima are seriously upset and furious.

The Japanese government is moving to promote nuclear power generation again as if nothing had happened. But the disastrous nuclear accident had actually happened and we can never erase the fact. Restarts of nuclear power plants and exports of nuclear power plant are absolutely unpardonable. We are now facing a threat of imminent world war. In this situation, what we need to consider is to change fundamentally the present structure of our society. Nuclear works and nuclear “decontamination” works are the ultimate savage casual works. Needy young people, deprived of the means of earning a livelihood, will be recruited through a “poverty draft” and assigned to the battle field by the same token. This is also the ultimate savage contingent hiring.

We should establish specific and practical strategies such as how we can set up a labor union which takes control of workplace to minimize radiation exposed work to the ultimate extent possible at Fukushima Nuclear Plant. The railway workers are now playing a leading role of the struggle. The East Japan Railway Company (JR-East) has attempted to open the whole length of the Joban Line which begins from downtown Tokyo and follows the Pacific coasts to Fukushima Prefecture for the purpose of forcing evacuees back to heavily contaminated areas. But the railway workers have organized Doro-Sorengo (Federation of National Railway Motive Power Unions) to stop the JR’s attempt by waging strikes against the work exposed to radiation. Fukushima Collaborative Clinic became the most credible and reliable facility for people who are anxious about daily radioactive exposure. Such constant challenges widen the circle of international solidarity.

Fukushima people earnestly desire to abolish all nuclear power plants and nuclear weapons from the earth and change the society. March 11 is the day for Fukushima People to wreak their anger and fight together with people all over the world.

Children, students, parents, evacuees living in temporary housings, farmers, fishermen and all workers—Let us join together to act as one!



November 1 Workers’ Rally Against War and Privatization

Nov_1_Workers' Rally

Flyer for Nov. 1 Rally

Doro-Chiba Quake Report 066

August_6, 2015

Demonstration in Hiroshima, August 6, 2015

4th Anniversary of the Great Earthquake and the Meltdowns

Anti-Nuclear Plant Fukushima Action on March 11, 2015

Anti-NPP Rally in Koriyama City Cultural Center

March 11 Anti-NPP rally in the Cultural Center in Koriyama City located in the central region of Fukushima Prefecture with 1,100 participants

Doro-Chiba contingent

Doro-Chiba contingent marches through downtown Koriyama, March 11, 2015

Anti-NPP march in Koriyama, March 11, 2015

March through downtown Koriyama, March 11, 2015

Rally in front of Koriyama Station

After the march, a youth section member of Doro-Chiba speaks at the anti-NPP rally in front of Koriyama Station.


Doro-Mito Marches against Irradiated Labor

February 8, 2015

Doro-Mito's March on Feb. 8, 2015

Doro-Mito's March on Feb. 8.

Doro-Mito, other labor unions and anti-nuke demonstrators march through Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture, on Feb. 8, 2015.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Doro-Chiba Quake Report   December 28, 2014/ issue 64

Anti-NPP Fukushima Action March 11, 2014

Call for Endorsement of and Participation in Anti-Nuclear Plant Fukushima Action on March 11, 2015

Restart of nuclear power plants, war and dismissal: enough is enough!

Let’s rise up and forge solidarity!

Organizing Committee of March 11 Anti-NPP Fukushima Action in 2015,  November 24, 2014

Four years have passed since the disaster on the March 11. People in Fukushima are raging.

Evacuees amount to 130,000, of which 30,000 people are living in “temporary” housings. People are deprived of hometowns, farmlands, livelihood, lives worth living.

Radioactivity spreads widely. Contaminated water is leaking day by day. Fukushima people feel angry against the Abe administration’s policy of restarting nuclear power plants. It is said that Fukushima people are usually patient, but they are now boiling with anger from the bottom of the heart.

The government and the TEPCO have been driving wedges between raging people in Fukushima, using evacuability, amount of damages and all other differences and escalating their propaganda from “safe nuclear power” to “safe radioactivity.”

Under the name of “disaster restoration”, they invitedFu the Olympics to Japan, saying “Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident site is under control” national festivals have been holding in Fukushima prefecture. They only trumpet empty boast: “tens of trillion yen economic effect of the Games.” There remains a mountain of far more urgent work to be done for Fukushima than the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. Their slogan “Fukushima people are one and together” cannot whitewash criminal assaults on people in Fukushima by the local administration as well as the central government and vested interests there, and deflect people’s anger.

The government is promoting forced return of the evacuees to their hometowns. And, the “decontamination” has become the means of profiteering by big corporations. Many workers have been forcibly exposed to radiation.

It is astonishing that Route 6 next to Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant was reopened. Only the cars which close windows according to the administrative order are permitted to pass through.

Barricades are put on the entrance of the side roads of Route 6. It is prohibited to stop cars. Furthermore, they say “don’t pass the route without necessity”. Then when do they let cars pass through such a highly radioactive zone!

Almost empty trains without passengers are running toward the contaminated area in very proximity of the nuclear plant. The landscape of hometown becomes black mountains of radioactive waste packed in the flexible container bags.

Why do you force the residents to return to a contaminated area? – Doro-Mito (National Railway Motive Power Union of Mito) rose up for strikes on May 10 and 31 protesting the reopening of the earthquake-stricken and disrupted rail track between Tatsuta Station (Naraha Town), located 16 kilometers from Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant, and Hirono Station. Doro-Mito’s strikes encourage people of Naraha Town and Fukushima people at large. The nuclear plant workers and the decontamination workers are eventually starting to stand up.

We tend to get used to current situation. However, we cannot allow the existence of the radioactive materials. The health of children have been certainly undermined.

Despite the very fact that 103 children were diagnosed with thyroid cancer or its suspicion, Fukushima Medical University never admits the causal relation between the disease and the nuclear accident. What an outrageous thing it is!

Fukushima Collaborative Clinic was opened, confronting with such terrible circumstances; it became the most credible and reliable facility for people who are anxious about daily radioactive exposure.

The cabinet recently decided the admission to exercise the right to collective self-defense force. In line with this decision, they are promoting nuclear power plant generating for the purpose of developing atomic bombs.

With an aim of preparing for war, the Abe administration exercises all kind of reactionary policies.

Ms. Miyako Jodai, A-bomb victim in Nagasaki, addressed in front of the prime minister at the last Nagasaki bombing anniversary ceremony on August 9, “it is an outrage that the cabinet decided to allow exercise of the right to collective self-defense trampling the pacifist constitution”.

Following the legislation of the State Secret Act, the administration is introducing draft bills one after another to keep us under draconian surveillance and control.

The onslaughts are ongoing: the amendment of Worker Dispatch Law, the consumption tax increase, the casualization of total employment and reactionary revision of the pension system. Abe administration’s final destination is to wage war.

We never stay obedient to Abe’s schedule for war.

We are beginning to struggle, raising voices and acting together.

There have been many rallies in protest at about 140 places around the country and in front of the prime-minister’s office every Friday. Since the March 11 2011, the movements of abolishing all nuclear plants have been developing widely.

Let’s raise voices in workplaces, communities and campuses! Let’s abolish all nuclear plants! Let’s stop restarting of Sendai nuclear power plant in Kagoshima prefecture! Don’t allow Abe administration’s reactionary policies! Let’s speak out and build a proud and brilliant future!

Let’s turn mounting rage into action together!

March 11, is the day of action. People in Fukushima unite and act together with all the people on the earth to abolish all nuclear plants and nuclear weapons and to change the whole world.

Let’s act on the day together with children, students, parents, residents in temporary housing, farmers, fishers and all workers!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .



Doro-Chiba_QR_064, MS Word_064

Doro-Chiba_QR_063, MS Word_063

Doro-Chiba_QR_062a.pdf,   MS Word_062

April 9, 2011

Quake Report Archive

Doro-Chiba_QR067.pdf., MS Word 067




Doro-Chiba_QR_063, MS Word_063

Doro-Chiba_QR_062a.pdf,   MS Word_062


Suzuki4Tokyo_Governor.pdf Suzuki4Tokyo_Governor.doc

Doro-Chiba_QR_60.pdf, MS Word_060

Nov. 3 All-out National Workers Rally

Doro-Chiba_QR_059.pdfMS Word

Doro-Chiba Quake Report 058

Flyer for Nov. 3 Rally, Endorsement to Nov 3 Rally

Doro-Chiba_QR_057 PDF, MS Word_057

Doro-Chiba_QR_056PDF, MS Word_056

Doro-ChibaQR_055, MS Word_055

Doro-ChibaQR_054PDF, MS Word_054

Aug.6 Endorsement Form

Declaration of June 9 National Railway Struggle Rally PDF, MS Word

Call for Aug.6 Hiroshima Rally_PDF, MS Word

Doro-ChibaQR_053PDF, MS Word_053

Doro-ChibaQR_052PDF, MS Word_052

Doro-ChibaQR_051PDF, MS Word 051


March11_Fukushima_Rally Flyer PDF ,



Doro-ChibaQR_050 PDF, MS Word 050

Doro-ChibaQR_049 PDF, MS Word 049

Nov. 3_ Rally_Flyer


Doro-ChibaQR_048 PDF, MS Word_048

Doro-ChibaQR_047 PDF, MS Word_047

Doro-ChibaQR_046 PDF, MS Word_046

Doro-ChibaQR_045 PDF, MS Word 045


Doro-ChibaQR_043, MS Word_043

Doro-ChibaQR_042, MS Word 042



Doro-ChibaQR_039 Doro-ChibaQR_038 Doro-ChibaQR_037 Doro-ChibaQR_036 Doro-ChibaQR_035 Doro-ChibaQR_034 Doro-ChibaQR_033 November6_All_Out_Rally_International_Appeal Doro-ChibaQR_032 Join_Aug6_Hiroshima_Rally Doro-ChibaQR_031 Doro-ChibaQR_030 Doro-ChibaQR_029 Doro-ChibaQR_028 Doro-ChibaQR_027 Doro-ChibaQR_026 Doro-ChibaQR_025 Doro-ChibaQR_024 Doro-ChibaQR_023 Doro-ChibaQR_022 Doro-ChibaQR_021 Doro-ChibaQR_020 Doro-ChibaQR_019 Petition_Fukushima_Hiroshima Doro-ChibaQR_018 Doro-ChibaQR_017 Doro-ChibaQR_016 Doro-ChibaQR_015 Doro-ChibaQR_014 Doro-ChibaQR_013 Doro-ChibaQR_012, Doro-ChibaQR_011 Doro-ChibaNL_010b Doro-ChibaNL_010 Doro-ChibaNL_009 Doro-ChibaNL_008b, Doro-ChibaNL_008 Doro-ChibaNL_007 Doro-ChibaNL_006_report_25march-2011 Doro-ChibaNL_005_20MarchRally Doro-ChibaNL_004_Report_19March 2011 Doro-ChibaNL_003_Report_17March2011 Doro-ChibaNL_002_People’sQuakeRelief Doro-ChibaNL_001_EmergencyAppeal

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April 7, 2011

Photos & Videos

Cindy Sheehan to speak at July 5 Rally against war, nuclear power and dismissal of workers in Tokyo


Flyer of July 5, rally against war, nuclear power and dismissal of workers

Flyer of July 5, rally against war, nuclear power and dismissal of worker

Flyer of November 3, 2013 Rally

Flyer of November 3, 2013 Rally

Taro Yamamoto Wins the Election

Taro Yamamoto Wins Upper House Election, on July 21, 2013

Thousands of audience at Taro Yamamoto's campaign  in Shibuya Station, July 20, 2013

Taro Yamamoto’s Upper House Election Campain in front of Shibuya Station, July 20, 2013

June 9, 2013, National Railway Struggle Rally

June 9, 2013, National Railway Struggle Rally

Video of 3/11 Anti-NPP Fukushima Action 2013 with English subtitles Videofilm von “Fukushima-Anti-Atom-Aktion am 11.März 2013” mit deutschen Untertiteln

November 4 Workers Rally in Hibiya Open-air Stage, Tokyo
Delegation from Seoul Regional Conference, Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KTCU), November 4, 2012
Foreign Workers in Japan

Foreign Workers in Japan at November 4 Workers Rally, 2012

Steve Zeltzer from Transport Workers Solidarity Committee and members of ILWU
People from Fukushima
200 thousand besiege PM's Office  June 29
200 thousand besiege PM’s Office June 29
200 besiege PM's Office   June 29, 2012

200 besiege PM’s Office / June 29, 2012

200 besiege PM's Office_ students contingent /June 29, 2012

students contingent /June 29, 2012

NAZEN  /June 29, 2012

NAZEN /June 29, 2012

Women From Fukushima

Women From Fukushima protest at the main gate of the Parliament / June 29, 2021

ethecon / June 29, 2012

June 29, 2012 Aerial viedo June 29, 2012 video:  200 thousand protesters occupy the streets June 29, 2012 video:  200 thousand protesters occupy the streets  ———————————————————————————- June 22 Video March 11 Anniversary Rally in Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture March 11 Anniversary Rally in Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture

March in Koriyama City, March 11, 2011
Demonstration against Nuclear Plants on March 11 Anniversary in Koriyama City 
3/11Rally Opening Speech by FTU President Takenaka  
Opening Speech of the 3/11 Rally Steering Commitee Chair and Fukushima Teachers Union President TAKENAKA Ryuichi
November 6 National Workers Rally against Nuke Plants and Unempoyment
November 6 National Workers Rally against Nuke Plants and Unempoyment
Nov 6, 2011 Rally, Delegation from Fukushima

Delegation from Fukushima speaks at the Nov. 6 Workers Rally

Nov 6 Demo against nuke plants and unemployment

5950 march on November 6, 2011

60, 000 Join Anti-Nuke Rally on September 19 Aerial Photo of the September 19 Anti-Nuke Rally in Tokyo Videos Struggle against transport of CASTOR in Germany September 19_60,000 Join Anti-Nuclear Plants Rally in Tokyo Australia ABC TV: September 19 Rally  Cindy Sheehan&Michio Kaku (audio) Cindy Sheehan in Hiroshima, Aug 6, 2011  Cindy Sheehan in Tokyo,  Aug 16, 2011  UTLA Teacher At International Tokyo Rally, November 2010 ATU 1555 BART Workers At Chiba Jpn Solidarity Rall,  November  2010 Workers Message From Japan Fukusima and Doro-Chibas.Fight(1) Workers Message From Japan Fukusima and Doro-Chibas.Fight(2) Japan People’s Earthquake Relief Center Fund Solidarity Meeting on 4/23/2011 in Oakland, CA-1 Japan People’s Earthquake Relief Center Fund Solidarity Meeting on 4/23/2011 in Oakland, CA-2 60,000 Join Anti-Nuclear Power Rally in Tokyo on September 19

September 19 Rally in Tokyo

Delegation from Fukushima in Anti-Nuke Rally in Tokyo, on September 19

March Against Nuclear Power Plants, September 19, 2011 in Tokyo

March Against Nuclear Power Plants, September 19, 2011 in Tokyo

Fukushima Teachers Union Contingent March DownTown Tokyo on September 19

People From FUkushima Raise Banner of “Anger”

Founding meeting of

Nazen( Abolish All Nuke Plants Now! National Coation)founding meeting Hiroshima August 5, 2011

Delegation from Fukushima

Delegation from Fukushima at Hiroshima Grand Action–A-bomb Anniversary Rally, August 6, 2011

Cindy Sheehan Speaks at Hiroshima Grand Action, Aug6, 2011

Cindy Sheehan Speaks at Hiroshima Grand Action, Aug6, 2011

Demonstration in Hiroshima Aug6

Demonstration in Hiroshima Aug6

Demonstration in Hiroshima Aug6

Demonstration in Hiroshima Aug6

Peace Memorial Museum, Aug 6, 2011

Peace Memorial Museum, Aug 6, 2011

April 3, 2011


Fukushima Collaborative Clinic Monthly Bulletin

Build Clinics for Fukushima Children

November 6 All Out Rally

November International Conference & Rally Last Year

Nov. 2007, workers rally against war, privatization and deregulation

Doro-Chiba (National Railway Motive Power Union of Chiba)

Petition: Shutdown Nuke Plants Now!

Hibakusha Youth League

Hibakusha Youth League in Hiroshima English page

Free Hoshino, Innocent Fighter for Justice 37 Years Behind Bars

Free Lynne Stewart

Traduction francaise de Doro-Chiba Quake Report

#23, A Hiroshima le 6 aout faisons entendre nos voix dans le monde entier !

Eliminons les guerres et les armes nucléaires ! Démantelons toutes les centrales nucléaires dès maintenant !

#22, Défendons-nous face à la répression du mouvement ouvrier et de la lutte des agriculteurs de Sanrizuka – le 20 mai, 50 arrestations dont Kitahara et d’autres militants agriculteurs de Sanrizuka .

  Scandaleuse répression du mouvement des agriculteurs par la Haute Cour de Tokyo et la police métropolitaine de Tokyo

#21, ##17-21, ##14-16

Deutche Übersetzung

#8, Dringender Aufruf an die Elektrizitätsarbeiter:

Verweigert alle gefährlichen Arbeiten bei denen ihr

radioaktiver Verstrahlung ausgesetzt seid! Lasst uns

gemeinsam für die Abschaltung aller

Atomkraftwerke kämpfen!

#7, #6,

#2, Erdbebenopfer-Hilfezentren für die Bevölkerung Japans gegründet

Lasst uns alle Kräfte vereinen um unseren betroffenen Freunden zu


Korean translation 도로치바 지진재해 리포트

#24국철투쟁전국운동 6.5대집회 공동선언

#23 신디 시핸 씨와 후쿠시마 피재민들을 모셔서

2011년 8.6히로시마에서부터 전세계로 반전 반핵 원전 폐기를 호소합시다!

DC통신/ 일간 도로치바/ 도로치바 지진재해 리포트/ DC통신/ 일간 도로치바/ 도로치바 지진재해 리포트 ##10-23 ?/

April 3, 2011

Hello world!

Welcome to Doro-Chiba Newsletter blog, which contains archive of our newsletter files freely downloadable.

The 3.11 earthquake and nuclear disaster in Japan have gigantic worldwide implication–global nuclear contamination and unprecedented mass unemployment under more and more deepening economic crisis.

Principled labor movement in Japan must  organize solidarity in our own workplaces and neighborhoods. And the vitalization of solidarity in Japan is inevitably linked with a struggle against neoliberal agendas, main focus of which has been destruction of any and every social bond of workers and people, especially unity and solidarity of labor unions.

In this struggle for survival in economic crisis and quake and nuke disaster, a historical upsurge of international working class solidarity is indispensable and inevitable.

Fight against this catastrophe made by neoliberalism together and build our own future together!

Thank you for your support and solidarity.

Doro-Chiba International Labor Solidarity Committee